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Geometry, American History, and My Haircut

It’s been too long!

Recently I’ve been focusing on learning geometry because I have a test in June. I’ve always taken the EOGs (End Of Grade) for fun, but this year in 9th grade I have to for the state. I’ve been learning geometry on Khan Academy. I really love Khan Academy because the teacher talks to you and demonstrates everything on the screen with a stylus. There are also practice tests that will give you extra videos to help you with what you need to work on. In the past, I always learned about genetics and the circulatory system on Khan, but I’m realizing it’s a great place to learn math as well! My goal is to complete the geometry section of Khan before my test in June.

Something else I’ve been doing is working on my knowledge of American History. I got A Young People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn for Hanukkah. The books starts when America was “discovered” (but not really discovered because people were already here) and goes to sometime after the year 2000. Right now I’m in the early nineteen hundreds. The book is really good (unlike much of the history inside of it)! I like how you see the events from different perspectives. We hear what the rich white people said in addresses and speeches, what the free/enslaved black people said in front of  large groups of people or in meetings, and what the middle class wrote in newspapers and pamphlets. There is also an entire chapter dedicated to the activist women in the 1800s. I highly suggest this book (or the original adult book if you want) if you’re interested in American history.

One more thing. I got a big haircut! Now my hair is the shortest it’s been in ten years.



My haircut!

I know this really has almost nothing to do with school, but I don’t know what else to blog about. Therefore, I am blogging about my new hair.

It all started about a year ago, when my hair turned into a big, frizzy, static mess. Every time I brushed it. Everytime it dried after being in the shower. It looked something like this when it was pulled back: HairBack

But if I put it down it was like this: IMG_3064

Well, it’s sideways, but oh well.

If I took the hour to flat iron it or blow-dry it then:

Nov 12, 2014 10_17_42 AMBut it only lasted a day or two; and I was damaging it. Badly.


So my mom (not sure what her tag is) AKA Leigh Fransen got me a book called The Curly Girl Handbook. curlygirlhandbook

I started following the directions from the book, and my hair was actually curly all this time!


I got a haircut on Wednesday with an official DevaCurl expert who only takes clients who

  1. Have curly hair
  2. Follow the Curly Girl Handbook

So she seem pretty perfect. I had my hair cut, and voila!


The funny thing is? I’ve always LOVED curly hair and wished I had it! Well… I love it!