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I Can Drive!

Last week was our second spring break. I went to drivers’ ed Monday-Thursday from 8am-2pm. This was my first real experience in a classroom and I actually loved it. My mom has always said that I would do great in a public school if I needed to attend one for some reason, and after my experience I’m sure that I would. I know that drivers’ ed is different in some aspects from public school, but I think the general idea is the same.

We learned about tons of things. We learned about what the different fluids in the car do, the illegal per se law, how deductibles and premiums work, and how to get out of a skid. My teacher, Miss Veronica, was so hilarious. She made all kinds of jokes and she had an unlimited supply of old fashioned peppermints that we could get anytime. We also learned about her family history and the variety of times she had been hit by cars and in near-death situations.

On Thursday we took our written test. We had two hours to answer 200 questions. I finished in a little over an hour. I was torn in between feeling super confident and feeling super nervous. After lunch we got the results. I passed with a 91! I had the fifth highest score in the class of probably 25 students. I felt really proud of myself, especially because the learning was so different from what I was used to. I noticed that nobody else ever asked questions, and I asked a lot of them. I wonder if that had something to do with my schooling versus theirs or if it’s just a coincidence.

In the state of North Carolina you do thirty hours of classroom time and six hours of driving with an instructor before getting your permit. I thought I would need to wait a month before getting my first three hours of driving done, but I was able to do my first three hours on Monday (school started on Tuesday) and my last three hours after school on Tuesday. My instructor is named Paul. He is also very nice and very calm. He said I got an A+ after my first day. My second day I drove on I-485, which is the interstate highway that circles Uptown Charlotte.

Today before school my mom and I went to the DMV and I got my permit! I had to take a vision test, road sign test, and a 25 question test. You are allowed to get 5/25 wrong on the test, but I got every single one right so the test cut short once I reached 20 correct answers. I drove home from the DMV and I drove my mom and sister ( @animalfreak9 ) to school.

I’m so excited to be able to drive!

Also… I’m getting a snake! My mom said yes! I’m planning to get a western hognose this August or September. If you or someone you know has a hognose and has any tips, please let me know through the comments!