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I am learning so much German!!! I have learned 172 words according to Duolingo, the site I am learning on. I could make a big list of sentences and words right now. In fact, I will!

  1. Brot-Bread
  2. Fische-Fish
  3. Mein-My/Mean
  4. Meine-My/Mean
  5. Kase-Cheese
  6. Milch- Milk
  7. Kuh-Cow
  8. Pferd-Horse
  9. Hund-Dog
  10. Hunde-Dogs
  11. Mantel-Coat
  12. Jacke-Jacket
  13. Tasche-Bag
  14. Katze-Cat
  15. Vogel-Bird
  16. Buch-Book
  17. Apfel-Apple
  18. Saft-Juice
  19. Orange-Orange(OrOnJay)
  20. Ein-A
  21. Eine-A
  22. Die-The/That/This
  23. Das-The/That/This
  24. Der-The/That/This
  25. Dien- Your

Hows that?


Hey guys! So, at school I’ve been doing LOTS of things, too many to name. But I want to share some of them with you! Here are some things I’ve done:

1. Choreography; @libby, @sassygirl26, @animalgirl9, and Emilia decided to do a dance. Tessa was in it too, but she moved to the other location recently. Anyway, the song was “the best day of my life”, sung by Kidz Bop. We finished it on Thursday, and performed on Monday! So that was fun.

2. Audiobook; Emilia, Elisha, and I are both obsessed with a book series called Warriors. It is all about CATS (I did it!). We decided to do an audiobook of the first book! So, we have about a page done so far with us two imitating different cats’ voices. Charlotte loves it so far!

3. German; I am learning German! I know about 175 words, now. I am learning on an app/website called Duolingo. I really like it. I have to go, but I’ll post tommorow hopefully!

My first blog post

Hi guys! I’m Alona, this is my first blog post so far. My sister is Elisha, she is 8. She has a goal to put the word “awesome” in every single blog post of hers. I have a goal too, to put the word “cat” in every one of my posts. This morning I made an account on Trello, which is kind of like an online Kan-Ban board. The other night Elisha and I gave Balto, my dog, a bath. He jumped out of the tub when he was covered in soap, I had to pick him up and put him in the tub again! I got a bunch of soap on my glasses lens.