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Hi! My name is Alona, and I am 11 years old. I have a dog, and one sister. My favorite book series is Warrior Cats, by Erin Hunter. I love to read, I also love to draw, write books, and role-play online.


Have you ever heard about NaNoWriMo? NaNoWriMo is a cool writing program where you set a word-count goal and try to reach it in the month of November. Why the month of November? Because November is National Novel Writing Month. They have an adult program, and a Young Writers Program. The adult’s goals must be 50,000 words, but the young writers may set their own goal.

I am participating in NaNoWriMo this year for the first time, and my word count goal is 22,000. My book is about a 12 year old girl who’s name is Ginger. Ginger Ella Pastello. She loves animals, and has two pets when the story begins. Her two pets are Spark; a white toy poodle with brown eyes, and Flight; a bright orange cat with green eyes.

Here is my story, beware, it has over 3,000 words so far:

So, it was Saturday afternoon. I was sitting on my bed. I was stroking my cat, Flight, and my dog, Spark. I was also making a list about me, like, what I look like, or my favorite stuff.


That’s something I’ve always liked to do. Making lists. Since you don’t know me, and I don’t know you, I should probably tell you about myself. Well, I’ll at least share my list with you.


Things about me:


Hair: Natural Red

Race: Caucasian

Freckles: Oh, yeah!

Eye Color: Green with a hint of hazel

Age: 12

Birthday: May 7th, 2002

Friends: Alex and Stacey

Family Members: Mom: Ansley Janice Pastello, Aunt: Kelsey Anne Blockette

Furry Friends: Dog: Spark, Cat: Flight

School: Homeschooled

Personality: Wild, Rambunctious, Kind, Caring, Friendly, and Bright.

Favorite Color: Green, Emerald Green


Okay, you are probably tired out by now. Let me get back to the story.


After a while, Mom came in, carrying a box of socks in with her.


“These are all your socks,” she said. Plopping the old cardboard box onto my carpet floor. “They have been in the laundry room for over a month.” I giggled,


“Oops; sorry.” She sighed good-naturedly,


“Go through these, and then come down for dinner.” She turned in the hall and I could hear her on her way downstairs.


“Might as well,” I told Spark, who was on my lap. “Sorry,” I stood up after gently setting Spark beside me on the bed. I kneeled down next to the box. “How am I supposed to sort these out?” I asked Flight; she ignored me, settling down into my pillow.


I picked up a few socks, and then put them back, “This is hopeless.” I stood up, and walked over to my dresser. I opened the sock drawer, and dumped the boxful of socks into it. Dropping the box to my side, I clapped off imaginary dust from my hands, “My work here is done!”


My nose wrinkled as the yummy scent of meatloaf drifted in from the kitchen. I licked my lips, “Yay! Meatloaf!” I skipped over to the side of my bed, Flight stood up, looking at me with her big, green eyes.


I scooped her up and called to Spark, “Come on, boy! It’s dinner-time!” But he was already in the hall, waiting for me at the top of the stairs. His little was tongue sticking out of his mouth. I walked down the hallway with Flight in my arms. I scooped up Spark, and adjusted Flight. Hopping up onto the banister, I started sliding.


I know, that may sound a bit dangerous, but I am extremely skilled, as well as Spark and Flight. I wouldn’t try it at home, though, unless you’ve been specially trained by me in the art of Banister Sliding. And that, of course, will probably never happen.


“All sorted?” My mom stood smiling in the kitchen, serving big slices of her famous meatloaf onto dinner plates. She squirted some ketchup onto each slice, my favorite!


“Yeah, you could say that.” I answered, setting down the two hungry creatures I was holding. “ I started a new list today,” I told Mom as I fed the animals.


“Oh, yeah? What about?” She set the plates down on the table, and then headed back to get napkins and forks.


“About me.” I stated, matter-of-factly. “Like, what I look like. Or my friends; stuff like that.” I walked over to the sink, turning on the water to wash my hands.



“I’d like to read it sometime,” Mom had finished setting the table and sat down, waiting for me to join her. “It sounds very interesting.”


I dried my hands on a hand towel and sat down at the table. It took all my might not to eat it all in one bite. (Hey, that rhymes!) I politely picked up my fork after setting my napkin on my lap.



















Okay, wait, this is getting to detailed. Let’s just say that I ate dinner, Mom ate dinner, Spark and Flight ate dinner. We had a nice conversation about the food we needed to buy throughout which would probably be boring for you to read.


Let’s set the scene; I am in my room, and Mom is on the couch. Spark and Flight are with me.


“Once there were four children whose names were Peter, Susan, Edmond, and Lucy.” I was reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, by C. S. Lewis. I was only at the first sentence, though, but I was already beginning to like it. “Spark, what do you think of the book?” I turned to look at him, and he just tilted his head to the side.


My phone buzzed, “I wonder who’s calling me.” I grabbed my phone off of my nightstand, lifting it to my ear, “Hello?” I got comfy in my bed as soon as I heard the voice of Alex, one of my two best friends.


“Hey, Ginger!” She sounded excited, “Can you talk?”


I nodded, “Sure, I have plenty of time!” Flight crawled into my criss-crossed lap, and Spark rested his head on my right knee. “So, what’s up?”


“Are you free tomorrow night?” I remembered that I had a Sunday afternoon flute class, but that would end at four.


“I believe so,” I replied. Probably another sleepover, I can’t wait! I love sleepovers, and so do Alex and Stacey. We are all like three peas in a pod. Well, almost, at least.


I am half American and half Irish, Stacey is Japanese, and Alex was born in Malawi, Africa. So, we certainly don’t look very alike, but we are BFFs.


“You want to come over for a sleepover tomorrow night?” She asked, Yes! I thought. “Stacey will be there,” She added, hopefully.


“I’d love too!” I exclaimed, jumping up. “Let me go ask my mom real quick, hang on.” I set the phone down, and ran out to the hallway. “Mom?” I shouted, “Can I go over to Alex’s house tomorrow for a sleepover?” Mom’s footsteps sounded downstairs,


“Sure,” She yelled back. “What time? Will it interfere with your flute class?” I thought for a moment,


“No,” I called back, hoping I wasn’t lying. Yes! I can go! I can go!


“Then I don’t see why not!” I jumped up from the bed, ran through the hallway, and looked down onto Mom, looking up the staircase. She had a dishtowel in her hand, and her hair pulled back.


“Thank you! Thank you!” I ran back to my room, picking up the phone again. “Hello? Alex? I can come!” I heard an excited squeal at the other end of the line. Holding phone away from my ear, I put the date on my horse calendar. “What time?” I asked, my pen ready.


“Five O Clock PM.” I scribbled the time down onto the calendar and added a heart. I add hearts every time I am doing that thing with both of my best friends, I guess I do a lot of things like that; things that I started when I was probably 8 or 9, and still do.


I guess I like tradition. I would be good at creating traditions for a job. No, I should make that a job! Then give the job to myself! (And now you know what goes on in my brain 24/7)


I already know what I am going to do when I grow up. I am going to be a veterinarian. I am also going to teach other people how to be veterinarians. That is the job that I have always wanted, and I will never stop wanting until I do.


Sorry, I got a bit carried away.


“Alright! See you there!” I put the top back on the pen, and sat down on the bed. “So, anything exciting happening?” Alex thought for a moment, I could hear her parakeets chirping from downstairs.


“Uh, besides the fact that my brother forgot to feed his parakeet, no.” I laughed, knowing that her brother not being responsible was neither exciting nor news.


“Now I feel sorry for him!” I imagined the poor bird with no food past dinnertime. “You should go tell Will his pet is starving.” I stood up, examining my birthmark on my left hand.


“I know, but he won’t feed Dan anyway!” She sighed, “I’ll just go feed him. Again.”


“Alright, but you know he’ll never learn. Hey, I need to go. See you tomorrow?”


“See you tomorrow! Bye!”









Meow, meow, meow! I woke up to the sound of a hungry Flight.


“Flight, come on! I’m sleepy!” I reached my arm over to feel her soft head, which didn’t really help my tiredness. “Please, just five more minutes.” My voice was drifting off again. Then there was more rustling on the bed. Here it comes…


Ruff! Ruff! Ruff! Spark was up, great. “Fine, fine. I’ll get up, just be patient.” I opened my eyes and looked over at the clock, “Five fifty one? Really, guys? This early?” I groaned and sat up, “Here it goes.” standing up, I stretched and yawned.


The dog food sounded like pebbles, the cat food sounded squishy and gross, and my cereal sounded like rain. “I love sleeping in,” I said aloud as I sat down at the table. Then I realized; I forgot a spoon. “Ugh, forget it.”


I picked up my bowl and drank up the cereal like milk in a cup. I felt even drowsier now. Maybe I’ll just lie down on the couch… It can’t hurt, I mean, Spark and Flight will wake me up soon. I will wake up in time for dance class…


“Ginger, what are you doing, sleeping?” I opened my eyes again, aww man! “We have to go to dance!” I jumped up and looked at the clock; it said 8:30am.


“Eight thirty?” I exclaimed, “How did I sleep for that long?” Mom sighed, looking at her watch. She was all ready for the day, ready to leave for work soon.


“I don’t know, all I know is that we have to go in fifteen minutes. Ginger, if you aren’t ready by the time its time to go, then you will be late for dance, and I will be late for work.


Mom is a psychiatrist, so she works with kids. Little kids, usually. Sometimes she tells stories about cute little kids who say the funniest things. I always enjoy that; I love stories.


“I’ll go get ready, now.” I dashed upstairs, nearly tripping over Flight on the way. I can’t believe I slept so long! Now I’ll be late for dance!


Today was the one single day that I couldn’t be late for class; today was the day that a famous modern dancer would be coming. She was going to be seeing which three of us she would accept for a scholarship. The scholarship would be to her professional dance school, a really important and expensive one.


I hurried to get my dance uniform on, remembering at the last minute to take off my pajamas. I brushed my hair into a neat ponytail, and put on barrettes. Lastly, I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I looked at the clock, “three minutes!”


On the car ride to dance class, I started to feel nervous. Super nervous, in fact. I felt like there were a hundred little butterflies flying around in my stomach. When I saw the sign, I thought I would throw up.


“Well,” Mom said as we pulled into a parking space, “This is the big day!”


“Yep,” I replied. The building had never looked so big, or so scary. I hugged Mom, and started walking up the entryway. Opening the big doors, I took a breath. The room looked more familiar, more like the place I go every Sunday at 9:00.


“Hello, Ms. Ginger, you ready for today?” My dance instructor, Mrs. Attwood greeted me at the door. She pushed up her glasses and opened the studio door for me.


“Yes, at least I hope so,” I answered politely. Putting my street clothes in my cubby, I jogged over to the warm up area. I started with jogging, skipping, and jumping. Seeing Stacey hurry in, I ran over to her.


“Hey!” She looked at me smiling, hanging her bag on her hook. She looked nervous too, we both really wanted to get the scholarship.


“Hey,” she followed me back to the warm up area. There were 18 girls in our class, and three boys. “You nervous too?” I asked her, going into the middle splits.


“Yeah, super nervous. I thought I was going to throw up in the car.”


“That makes three of us!” Bryan, one of the three boys showed up behind us. “When I started modern, I never thought I would enjoy it that much. Now, I’m getting sick in the car because I have the chance to get an awesome scholarship!”


“Hang on a second,” Stacey interrupted. “You mean when your mom made you start dancing modern? When she made you start dancing at all?” Bryan looked down,


“Well, yeah.” He looked up, “But I tried it! And what do you know, I liked it!” All of us laughed, including Bryan. There was an awkward silence, Bryan standing up, me in the splits, and Stacey in straddle.


Bryan is one of those boys who just doesn’t get along with the other boys very well, he sees girls as friends, and some boys as obnoxious. Stacey and I have known him since we were all three; we went to the same daycare.


At dance practice we are all best friends, and out of dance its Stacey, Alex and I. Alex and Bryan get along fine, but I don’t know. They don’t seem to like each other too much, so they keep separate. But Stacey and I don’t mind, and we help them stay apart.


Sidetracked again, see? Man, I really have to work on this.


All of us were warmed up by then, ands we were waiting for out teacher. Mrs. Attwood finally came in, and we all stood up and ran over to her. All of us had an excited and nervous look on our faces, others more nervous then some.


“Alright, class, today as you all know is a very special day.” She looked at all of us, and we all looked right back at her expectantly. “Ms. Tripper is coming to see which three of you will receive scholarships to her famous modern dance academy.


“I am very proud of you all,” She said, “and want you to know, if you don’t get it this time, there will always be other opportunities.” The whole class nodded, including me. There was so much anxiety in the room; I could feel it.

Then, she walked in. Ms. Tripper was pretty, and probably in her early thirties. She looked nice; I was looking forward to today. “Hello, everyone!” She called to us as she entered the room.


“Hello, Ms. Tripper!” The class answered robotically, relieved she finally showed up. She set down her dance bag and walked out see look at us.


We are an impressive class of 21, we are all relatively experienced and any one of us would meet her standards. Whenever I see class pictures I can’t believe that I am part of the class, we look so good! I was hoping that Ms. Tripper would think the same thing.


Ms. Tripper looked very friendly and she smiled a lot. She had us do a lot of exersses and watched us do our own dances. In te end, I was feeling pretty good. Of course, everything was challenging, but I still did it!


















“Alex!” I gave her a big hug, and she gave me a big hug right back. We almost knocked each other over, though I’m not sure how that would work… Stacey came up behind me; we had ridden together.


“Ginger! Stacey! Come on up to my room!” Both Stacey and I new the way, but we still followed her. “I can’t wait for tonight!” Alex said, as we all raced up her stairs.


Once we were all in Alex’s room, we lay down on her bed. “I love sleepovers!” Stacey sighed, “Especially with you guys!” We all just lay there for a few seconds, not wanting to break the silence; I slowly and quietly sat up and looked at my friends.


They stared back at me, smiles slowly spreading across all our faces. I couldn’t take it anymore! I went cross-eyed, “Stop it!” Alex pushed me away, laughing always made her like jelly. Stacey, also laughing, pushed me off of the bed. Now all of us were laughing. Hard.


We all stopped trying to make each other laugh; we couldn’t anyway, we were laughing to hard. “I ne-ed mo-more-air…” Stacey pretended to faint from laughing, falling off the bed and onto me.


“Hey, watch it!” I rolled out form under her, a big smile on both of our faces. “Your welcome!” I sat up, waiting for her reply.


“For what?”


“For cushioning your fall!”


“Oh, thanks!” She sat up, and there was another silence. There have been a lot of silences in this story. Interesting. Huh.


“Girls! Dinner!” Alex’s mom Ruth called to us from upstairs. We all raced downstairs, trying to get to the table first. We all ended up panting in our seats. Mrs. Diya walked into the room with the roast chicken.


“Who washed their hands in the big race to the table?” She asked, setting the chicken down. None of us replied, we all just stood up and then raced to the bathroom. I got there second, after Stacey. She washed her hands, then I washed my hands.


When we got back to the table, Alex was sitting there with newly washed hands. “Huh?” We both said together, “But you were behind us!” I exclaimed, baffled, slowly walking to sit down.


“You know, we are right next to the kitchen. The kitchen has a sink, soap, and voila! I can wash my hands in the kitchen!” Stacey looked at me, and I looked at Stacey.

“Oh. That makes sense.” I put my napkin on my lap, feeling kind of dumb. Alex had a big smile on her face, like she had outsmarted us. Well, she had, so I really can’t blame her.


Mrs. Diya brought our some brussel sprouts and cauliflower. Then the milk, “Thank you,” I said when she poured me a big serving of delicious milk. I love milk; milk is the best drink ever according to me.


“This chicken is delicious!” Stacey took another big bite of her drumstick, while I worked on my wing. “Thank you, Stacey!” Mrs. Diya smiled her big smile, and then took a sip of her milk.


“That was so good!” I fell onto Alex’s bed, “I am so full!” Stacey and Alex fell on either side of me. “I think we all are,” Alex replied. “Hey,” Alex rolled over on the bed to look at us, “Who wants to play a game?”


“Are you sure this is such a good idea?” All three of us were standing outside in Alex’s yard under a giant tree. “A tree climbing competition? Why not?” I replied, ready to win. “Well, I’m not that great at climbing trees…” Stacey nervously brought up. I rolled my eyes good-naturedly, “When you are halfway up this tree, you’ll have no choice but to be at least good.”


Stacey stared at me, “Really? That’s what you say to make me feel better?” But she smiled, and prepared herself for the climb. “I’ll go first, once I can’t go up any farther, I’ll tie my green colored string around the trunk where I end up.”


I stuck the long piece of string in my pocket, mentally preparing for the climb.


This is only the rough draft, but I hope you liked it! See yah!


I am learning so much German!!! I have learned 172 words according to Duolingo, the site I am learning on. I could make a big list of sentences and words right now. In fact, I will!

  1. Brot-Bread
  2. Fische-Fish
  3. Mein-My/Mean
  4. Meine-My/Mean
  5. Kase-Cheese
  6. Milch- Milk
  7. Kuh-Cow
  8. Pferd-Horse
  9. Hund-Dog
  10. Hunde-Dogs
  11. Mantel-Coat
  12. Jacke-Jacket
  13. Tasche-Bag
  14. Katze-Cat
  15. Vogel-Bird
  16. Buch-Book
  17. Apfel-Apple
  18. Saft-Juice
  19. Orange-Orange(OrOnJay)
  20. Ein-A
  21. Eine-A
  22. Die-The/That/This
  23. Das-The/That/This
  24. Der-The/That/This
  25. Dien- Your

Hows that?


Hey guys! So, at school I’ve been doing LOTS of things, too many to name. But I want to share some of them with you! Here are some things I’ve done:

1. Choreography; @libby, @sassygirl26, @animalgirl9, and Emilia decided to do a dance. Tessa was in it too, but she moved to the other location recently. Anyway, the song was “the best day of my life”, sung by Kidz Bop. We finished it on Thursday, and performed on Monday! So that was fun.

2. Audiobook; Emilia, Elisha, and I are both obsessed with a book series called Warriors. It is all about CATS (I did it!). We decided to do an audiobook of the first book! So, we have about a page done so far with us two imitating different cats’ voices. Charlotte loves it so far!

3. German; I am learning German! I know about 175 words, now. I am learning on an app/website called Duolingo. I really like it. I have to go, but I’ll post tommorow hopefully!

My first blog post

Hi guys! I’m Alona, this is my first blog post so far. My sister is Elisha, she is 8. She has a goal to put the word “awesome” in every single blog post of hers. I have a goal too, to put the word “cat” in every one of my posts. This morning I made an account on Trello, which is kind of like an online Kan-Ban board. The other night Elisha and I gave Balto, my dog, a bath. He jumped out of the tub when he was covered in soap, I had to pick him up and put him in the tub again! I got a bunch of soap on my glasses lens.