Snake Report Completed!

Last week I finished my report about snakes! I wrote 31 pages (the requirement was 30 pages) single spaced and included pictures. I wrote it so that I could have a conversation with my mom about me getting a snake. She said that she would read it today so I don’t know what will come out of it, but I really hope that I like the outcome. I’ve been working on it for six weeks and I think I spent around 50 hours working on it. If she says yes, then my current plan is that I will get a western hognose snake sometime in August or September after all of my summer trips are over.

Click HERE to read my report yourself. Please feel free to comment on this blog post and make any suggestions or reflections about it. Thanks!

This is a western hognose. They are the cutest things in the world. Google “western hognose playing dead” and watch a video. Do it.

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