Top 5 blog posts from the past year

I thought that I would go through all of my blog posts from the past year and choose my favorite ones to share here. I’ll list them in order from oldest to most recent. Enjoy!

The Balkan War

Alright. This is technically from a year and six days ago, but there’s no way I’m going to post my¬† best blogs and not post this one. This blog talks about the Balkan war and how it affected Bosnia. We had a parent come in and talk about his experience as a child in Bosnia during this war and his experience living in a refugee camp and then finally coming to America.

The Curly Girl Method

Here, I explain the main idea of the Curly Girl Method. I also have some pictures of my hair’s progress before and during the method. It’s been almost exactly two years since I discovered my hair was curly and I’m never going back!

Winthrop Eagles

This isn’t my best blog, but I wanted to include it because it shows my art skills about a year ago. I remember that the portraits I drew of this team were harder than the big ones because they were so small! I was super proud of how it turned out but I never did end up getting it autographed.

Punnet Squares

In this post I talk about dominant traits, recessive traits, alleles, heterozygous, and homozygous through the use of punnet squares. I also show how traits can skip generations in hiding because they were recessive, then show up later when paired with the same recessive trait.

West African Drumming 

This post might be a little confusing in some parts, but I did spend a lot of time making sure I used the correct spelling and names. I break down the Kuku rhythm and how it came to be. I also talk about different types of drums and proper form when drumming.

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