Transcribing Project and Surviving the Plague

This week I started a new project; transcribing my favorite podcast.

I’ve been listening to a podcast called The Hamilcast. It’s about the  Broadway musical Hamilton. The host Gillian Pensavalle interviews cast and crew members of Hamilton and other Broadway shows as well as other people in the community. I really love how fun she and her guests are and the questions she asks are always super interesting!

Recently I learned that they were asking for help transcribing the podcast for deaf or hard of hearing people and I thought I would help. So far I’ve transcribed a little over half of one of my favorite interviews. I’ve learned that it’s pretty hard! I have to type quickly in order to keep up, figure out how to format it when they interrupt each other, and really listen to make sure I type the correct words. It’s a really relaxing thing to do when the kids I babysit are asleep or before bed.

My biggest problem I had when learning how to do this was that sometimes they would talk so fast it would take absolutely forever to type everything out without rewinding every two seconds. I figured out that I can change the speed of the podcast to .5 so that they talk slow, but fast enough for me to understand them better. It’s also entertaining because they sound pretty intoxicated.

I’ve managed to survive the Plague (flu season) so far, so that’s good. We had 13 sick people on Tuesday. I can’t wait until this is over.


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