Crocheted Headbands

This post is about my newest business venture; crocheted headbands.

On Wednesday during Change Up I wanted a fidget, so I started crocheting a scarf. Halfway through I decided to change it into a headband and I made this.

I really liked it! I got a lot of compliments and a couple of people asked if I could make them one. That evening I went to Michael’s and got a couple of bales (yes, bales. That’s a thing.) of yarn and the right size crochet hook. I’ve been making them almost constantly now when I don’t have an offering or meeting. I’ve given a few away to Grayson, Nancy, Elisha, Tessa, and my mom, but now I’m going to start selling them for $7 each. I texted my Grandma to decide on a price because she knows a lot about pricing this sort of thing.

Here are some of my works in progresses:

I have to go. Bye!


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