As you might know, I have been doing Gamed Academy’s Biology 2 class for the past couple of weeks. I’ve learned about Mitosis, Meiosis, Natural Selection and Charles Darwin. I thought I would teach you about Mitosis today!

Mitosis is how most of the cells in our bodies reproduce/divide. There are 4 official phases of Mitosis, but there are really more like 6-7 steps to the whole process. The phases are Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, and Telophase. The other two steps are Interphase (which is the start and end of the whole process) and Cytokineses. Let’s begin!

Interphase: This is the phase¬† step of Mitosis where the chromatin (relaxed chromosomes) is in a tangled ball all together. What’s happening is that the DNA is replicating during this time. There is a nucleus around the chromatin and there is one centrosome (protein thing) outside of the nucleus, but in the cell. The centrosome splits into two. Now we have replicating DNA, chromatin all in a ball, and two centrosomes.

Prophase: This is the actual first phase of the process. The centrosomes start to move toward opposite sides of the cell. The chromatin turns thicker and more dreadlock-like. Spindle fibers emerge from the centrosomes and the nucleus dissolves.

Metaphase: The chromatin now forms into full chromosomes. The separate strands of chromatids form X’s with two chromatids per chromosome. The chromosomes move to the center of the cell and form a straight line. The spindle fibers (which are attached to the two centrosomes) attach to each end of the chromosomes.

Anaphase: The spindle fibers pull the chromosomes apart until they break. Now the chromatids are again without a genetically identical partner. The centrosomes pull further and further apart and the chromatids go with them.

Telophase: The cell stretches out of shape and the chromatids are as far away from their pairs as possible.

Cytokineses: The cell forms what’s called cleavage as the cell separates into two.

Interphase: The two cells now form nuclei, relax into chromatin, replicate, and the centrosomes split into two.

And that, my friends, is mitosis! Thanks for reading!


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