Sprint #1 1/2

This short week at school we had an optional 2 day sprint. I decided to continue with genetics and do my next story on trello. The idea was to make a three generation family tree with the odds of each family member looking like themselves. I only used 4 traits (eye color, hair color, hair texture and skin color) because otherwise it would get super duper confusing. I didn’t get very far. All I did was figure out the genotypes and phenotypes of two people and find a website to randomly select genotypes from the parents. I have writer’s block today so I’m not writing very much this week.


4 thoughts on “Sprint #1 1/2”

    1. I would have to know Momma and Daddy’s alleles. I have no way of knowing certainly without that. But let’s just say the chances are TEENSY and possibly impossible.

      1. @animalfreak9 I just read up on dominance for eye color.

        For you to have hazel eyes, you would need one green allele and one hazel allele. Or two hazel alleles.

        Daddy has hazel/green eyes. I’ll call them hazel. This means he probably has one hazel and one blue (he has to have blue because we have blue eyes too!). He could give you either one. Momma, on the other hand, has blue eyes. This means that she has two blue alleles, or homozygous (spelled wrong) recessive.

        This means that there is a 1/2 chance of you getting greenish or hazelish eyes. 1/2 of you getting blue eyes.

        That’s according to assuming Momma and Daddy’s alleles. See yah.

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