Flight School Assignment! (aka Wings Reflection)


Things I know:

How to operate microwaves, ovens, sinks, dishwashers, phones, and computers.

How to spell. How to use grammar and punctuation correctly.

How to draw.

How to sign my name.

How to play checkers.

How to ride a horse.

How to care for dogs and cats.

How to math.

How the circulatory system works.

Punnet Squares in genetics. – Because I’m really interested in how this works. I want to know how and why I have curly hair when neither of my parents do.

How to play guitar.


Things I want to know:

How to speed read.

More about genetics.

Math including calculus.

More about anatomy and physiology.

How to finish a novel.

How to jump on a horse.

How to perform different surgeries on animals.

More about dancing.

More about American history.

More about social studies and economics.

How to drive.


Skills that I have:



Remembering things.


Teaching Balto tricks.

Caring for animals.

Learning new things.


Being careful with money. (I’m soops froog @animalfreak9 )



Skills I want to have:




Physical strength.

Drawing human faces.

Bring friendlier to strangers in public. – Because I want to seem friendly; not grumpy.

Endurance (Running, dancing, sports)

Riding bikes.

Facilitating meetings and groups.


Things that I have done:

I have been to Israel, Panama, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Los Angeles, Minnesota, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Washington D.C, Florida, and many more places!

Won NaNoWriMo 2 times in a row

Had 46 pets/fosters/random mice I found and brought home.

Joined Mosaic.

Turned 13.

Read tons of novels.

Trained Balto.

Won a race when I was 4.

Rock at Capture the Flag.


Things I want to do:

Travel more.

Write 50,000 words in NaNoWriMo. – Because this is really the only thing I can work on at all right now. I can’t exactly get my PhD or anything at 13; I haven’t even learned algebra.

Go to Israel with Dance Class.

Get a Masters Degree or PhD in something.

Go on an Alaskan cruise.

Work somewhere that doesn’t feel like work.

Get a cat.

Go to Germany and stay with family.


Things that make me HAPPY:

When I write.

When I go to D.C. with all of my friends.

When I eat at Blue Taj.

When I’m with friends.

When I’m playing with Balto.

When I’m around animals.

When I shower while listening to music.

When I laugh with other people.

When I play games.

When someone uses correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.




3 thoughts on “Flight School Assignment! (aka Wings Reflection)”

  1. Oh no! I knew I was forgetting something important at Mosaic today… Flight Training!! Boo.

    I don’t know if there was more to this exercise than I see here, but I will let you know that

    – I have a degree in evolutionary biology (genetics)
    – And a math minor (up to calculus & beyond)

    If you want support in learning about either of those things!

  2. I love these lists. Will you keep adding to them, or was this just a one time jumping off point? Like, just off the top of my head, to your skills I would add empathy, helping others, willingness to try new things, following through on commitments; and to things you’ve done: created and executed escape rooms, choreographed dance routines, performed for hundreds of people, designed things in photoshop, illustrated a book, babysat, edited video…

    1. This was a one time thing not unlike your creative thinking process! We (Gabe, Will, Liberty and I) did this at our first official Wings meeting before we decided our first sprint and stuff like that. I suppose I COULD add to it, but that wasn’t originally the intent of the exercise. We took these lists and decided out of that what we wanted our first sprint to be (I chose genetics).

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