I got braces on Wednesday! I thought I would write about how they put them on and how it felt like when they were doing it.

First of all, they brushed my teeth like they always do at appointments. With that electric brush and gross toothpaste that they try to make taste good. Along with not putting that spit-sucking tube in your mouth even close to often enough.


Next, they put this massive plastic pink thing in my mouth. It poked me in two different places.Braces2

They painted a bunch of “soap” and sprayed a bunch of disgusting smelling/tasting air onto my upper and lower teeth, and my tounge. Finally, after spraying and cleaning and wiping off it was time to glue the brackets to my teeth! I’m not sure how they actually did it, but I think they put glue on my tooth, and then put a bracket on top with tweezers. This process took quite a while and I got super duper bored.


When she finished with the brackets I went to the sink to rinse. I could feel them, but they didn’t hurt or feel bad. They just felt different. Before the brackets have O-Bands/the colors they look like this, and this is what I saw when I looked into the mirror.


Then I went back and they took out my space maintainer that I have had for over (I think) 2 years. That looked like this:

DCF 1.0

It really didn’t hurt like it did when I got my palate expander out, which looks like this:

braces 10

Now it was time to fit the bands around my teeth. This didn’t really hurt that much, but it was uncomfortable and it wasn’t very fun at all. Not that anything that day at the orthodontist was fun at all. The bands are pretty much just metal bands that fit around your molars pretty tightly to keep your wire in you mouth. They are the same things that kept my palate expander and space maintainer in. You can see them in the pictures on the molar teeth.

Putting the wire on poked a bit because what they do is the put the wire in little part of the brackets (not sure how this works) and then they can cut it after. But not before. So basically I had a big wire poking into the sides of my mouth while they were I guess kind of threading the wire through my brackets. Then they could trim it. The wire wasn’t that bad, though, because it’s pretty flimsy and obviously made to go into peoples’ mouths.


This is what they look like without color. I can’t remember if it was before they put on the colors or after when they tightened the wire up or something. Let’s just say that next they let me choose which color I wanted. I was stuck between green and teal.Braces3braces1

I finally chose teal because I can choose another color when I go back in two months. Finally! My braces were all on and they didn’t feel too weird. This is what they looked like! braces11


And that’s the end!



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