Drawing Portraits!

For the last two days or so I’ve been really enjoying drawing portraits. I’ve also started enjoying watching basketball more and more in the last few months. The reason I’ve started liking basketball recently is because my Dad is friends with two members of the basketball team at Winthrop University; where my Mom is going to college to get a degree in psychology. The players on the team are Anders and Bjorn Broman; they used to live in Minnesota where my Dad is from. They can usually get us player seats (seats that are behind a basket and in the first few rows) at the home games. We have gone to practically every single one (probably 3-4 missed at the VERY most) and I have started to understand it a whole lot better. Therefore, when we couldn’t get tickets lastnight (Thursday night) we watched the game on ESPN. While we were watching I drew a portrait of Keon Johnson; the featured player that night. I finished it up this morning and I am SUPER happy with how it turned out.

Then today, @animalfreak9 told me to draw Bjorn Broman, and I did! I worked on it for at least an hour; possibly two. I’m a little less happy with how that one turned out, but my Dad guessed who it was right away, so it’s good enough!

My plan now is to draw all of the teammates of the basketball team and then mail then to Anders or Bjorn. I’ll try to remember not to sign it (I forgot with both Keon and Bjorn 🙁 ) and then enclose a riddle with it. They’ll have to figure out who it is 😀

Chances are they’ll never find out and I’ll just ask my Dad to tell them it was me. The only time I met the two was when Anders, Bjorn, their parents Jill and John, their sister Anna and her husband were over at our house for dinner. I served Anders and Bjorn cake and that was the extent of our contact so it’s quite possible they’ll never know.

Here are the pictures!

Keon Johnson                                          Anders                    Bjorn Broman

keon  bjornanderskeonbjorn Keon on the left/top, Bjorn is the other one.

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