Biztown Happened!

We finally went to Biztown on January 21st! It was super fun, but there was also a big let down I’ll tell you later in the post why.

Biztown is on like the 3rd level of a big building that people rent out (I think) for their businesses. We walked in and it looks so cool! It’s obvious that it’s inside and the companies are all very small, but it still feels real with everything there. There were so many places for kids to work! A few of them were:

  1. Sunbelt Rentals
  2. Airlines
  3. Aeronautics Administration
  4. Non-Profit Center
  5. Medical Center
  6. Bank
  7. Town Hall
  8. Food Court

There were a few others but I don’t remember all of them right now.

We got there around 10 minutes early at around 9:20, and waited in the “town square”. We waited for over half an hour waiting for the other school. They were 20-30 minutes late to get to BIztown, keep this in mind. So the other school (which is really big, like over a hundred people I think) came and sat down and we were given a briefing of the day. There were colored lights to show who’s break it was. I was the green color, along with @libby. When the workday began I had to sign SO many papers, being the CEO of the Medical Center. There were checks to sign, where they would go to the supply store, where my Health Care Manager @animalfreak9 got supplies. All of the maintenance companies also came to ask me questions, and have me sign more papers. This went on for a while, along with me telling the staff members to go and get stuff for me. It was pretty stressful, but also super fun at the same time. But what I was really looking forward to was when I would give everyone checkups. That would happen AFTER everyone’s lunch breaks. I also brought forms and stuff to the bank to make sure that our rent was taken care of. I deposited my own pay as well. We get paid twice a day at Biztown.

Then the different color groups started to have lunch breaks. There was Blue, Green, and Red. After everyone else had their lunch breaks, the greens had their lunch break. @libby and I had lunch together, and bought a snack and drink to go along with it. There was a boy with a birth defect on his face and he was sitting alone, so we ate lunch with him. We were about to finish our lunches when it was announced: BIZTOWN WAS OVER!!

What I was looking forward to for over a month, all day was waiting for it, wasn’t going to happen. Neither @libby or I would get to do checkups. That was super disappointing.

The reason our time was cut short 1 hour and 15 minutes was because the other school decided that they wouldn’t tell anybody they had to leave early until they were AT Biztown. The city wouldn’t function without everyone there so we had to leave. People weren’t being picked up until 2:30 so we all went to hang out at the Wells Fargo museum. They had free donuts and they were delicious 😀


Finally, we went to Amelie’s, I got married, then divorced, but not before putting it on facebook. Then my ex married @animalfreak9, then divorced her. The most troubling, and short marriage was my ex and @libby. That lasted two seconds. Don’t worry, Evan (AKA, the ex) and I are still friends.


Oh, and I got chocolate mousse and a caramel mocha.

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