Hi! This week Nancy gave us a challenge this week in the Food Room spawnpoint. She challenged us to write about one thing we did about in a lot of detail. So @sassygirl26 and I are sitting in the Quiet Room writing in detail. My in-detail subject this week is JA Biztown.

JA Biztown, or Junior Achievement, is an indoor town in Charlotte. Kristine, Kate’s Mom, showed it to us and we decided that we wanted to do it. So every week twice a week a bunch of people from school croud into the Cloud Room to do different activities from their workbooks. This week we learned about the different kinds of jobs and what they have to do with different things. For example, a doctor has multiple types of jobs. Things, which means that he makes or does things with his hands, which doctors and especialy surgeons tend to do. Their jobs also have to do with the People group, because they obviously do stuff with people and have to be relatively good with people for reasons you can probably figure out on your own. They also need to work with Data as well.

Today in BizTown we had practice interviews with other students! I think that I was pretty good at being interviewed; I didn’t have any critisism, even constructive. It was really fun, I loved watching other people and giving them constructive critisism. We also leanred that we will have real interviews with the people from BizTown for our jobs! I’m so excited. Nancy says that we have to go now, so bye!

3 thoughts on “Biztown”

  1. Gah!! I’m sorry to have cut you off!! Even with us ending the day at 2 now it feels like we could use more time at school 🙂

    I love reading the details about Biztown and what you took away from it this week. It’s been a really cool unit to explore and I’m so thankful that Kristine introduced us to it!

    1. Maybe you could take the training and come with us sometime! It’s super educational and it teaches you how to manage your money and what it’s like to work when you’re an adult. Not to mention it’s SUPER FUN!!!!!

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