Bald Head Island

Hi! I haven’t written in two weeks because last Friday we went to Bald Head Island. I went with my family, and lots of people from school. Bald Head is an island on the east side of the Cape Fear River in Brunswick County, North Carolina. There are no cars allowed on the island, and the only way to get on or off is by the ferry that runs between it all day. To get around you drive golf carts or walk. There are only a couple of restaurants and one grocery store along with a little cafe inside. My mom, @animalfreak9 and I all went to eat at the little cafe. We were all really hungry when we got there and they took half an hour to make us each one burger on top of one single peice of lettuce. There was one pickle and a couple of peices of onion, and chips. It wasn’t that great. But another restaurant made amazing steak and chicken fajitas!


There were a few classes that we took as well. I took all three, but others did only one or none at all. The first was a hike. We were supposed to be in the woods and see wildlife but there were a few problems with flooding so we pretty much walked on a road the whole time. But it was still fun; just not what we expected. The second class was squid dissection! That was SO fun! We got to take out the pen, which has something to do with the ink (Get it?!). We also took out the inksac, mine looked like a little fish. Then we took out the gills and the eyeballs. The eyeballs feel like rocks, and are probably a little smaller than a marble. The hardest part was getting the beak out. The beak actually looks like a beak! Caleb compared it to an angry bird (and I agree). The last class was stargazing. We went and the college students (they were instructing) showed us the night sky on a screen. They showed us different constellations that we should keep an eye out for. We were supposed to have hot chocolate, but there was a water problem. They decided that it would be too hard to boil water (which you pretty much do already) to make it. We even had jugs of water they could of used! Some of the kids were really upset, but I just wanted to see the stars. The sky was SO full of them at Bald Head! it’s crazy how many you see when there isn’t as much light pollution. I found Draco and the Seven Sisters constellations. I also used a pair of binoculars to peek into someone’s house and saw a painting on their wall. Their house was SUPER far away, too!!


We also went to the beach to watch the sunset Saturday night and it was super pretty. I never went into the water but some did, and they said that water was warm. That’s pretty weird considering the air and sand were both super cold.


ANYWAY. Now for my week!


We did the Amy Steinberg performance on Wednesday! I’d say it was a big success. So many parents showed up. I also did MathUSee with Nancy twice. I’m really enjoying it! Someone named Linda came and showed us how she and her husband make ONLY three bags of trash per year. She showed us how she organizes things and what we can do to also make less trash. Nancy, Gabe and I also did Psychology Crash Course. We watched two episodes and then went for a 25 minutes jog. We jogged way further than we usually do. We also did Biztown today and we focused on what is payed for by taxes, not by taxes, and both.





And also. According to a random test I am Peeta Mellark from the hunger games.



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