The Charlotte History Museum

This week I went to the Charlotte History Museum with pretty much the whole school! Melissa offered to pay for all of us. When we got there we looked in the gift shop for a couple of minutes, but nothing seemed very interesting. Then we went and played in the play place. It was actually SUPER cool even though it was meant for younger kids than me. There was a Native American Longhouse (which we later used as the market), A cooking house (where slaves would like), and the main house along with a garden. There were SO many props! But we didn’t have much time there because our personal tourguide came. His name was Charlie and he was really nice. He led us out to a house kind of place. You walked in and on your left was 1-2 feet deep pure, drinkable spring water where the people would store their perishable food items (Milk, eggs, etc.). The walls are 2 1/2 feet thick everywhere so that it stays cool inside. Then we walked to the side of the building where there was a little cave in the building that also held still drinkable water. They still make beer from it today! Upstairs above the “refrigerator” there was a store/trading post. It was really cool. Elisha, James, and Will did a little skit. Charlie explained that from Charlotte to Philadelphia  it took 2 1/2 months! Then we walked to the house. It was a super big house for that time period. Hezekiah (the man who built the house) had 10 children; 3 girls and 7 boys. The 7 boys shared 2 rooms and the 3 girls shared 1. The girls’ room was about the size of the average house back then. Hezekiah owned 600 acres of land and planted lots of food. We learned that men stank really badly because they rarely washed and never changed clothes (unless it was Sunday, they had 1 Sunday outfit). They never really washed there clothes either. So when women were courting the men they would tie Lavender onto their wrist/have a necklace of it and breathe it in the not puke at the stench. Then we saw the cookhouse/ where his 13 slaves lived. The reason they had a seperate house for cooking was because the cookhouse would burn down constantly and they didn’t want the whole house to go with it. Then we played in the play area again. We did a whole roleplay for a really long time! Reagen and I were slaves, Isabella was the creepily nice girl, Elisha and Jacob were the Master and Mistress, Tessa was the seller at her store (the longhouse), and then everyone else were theifs. (Isabella and Tessa have been waiting for my computer so I’ll end it short. @sassygirl26 @tessao )

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