Bee Trip

Today Liberty @lib, Isabella @sassygirl26, James @jameslingoes, Nancy @nancy, and a few other people went to see how honey is made! The guy’s name is Andrew and he has three locations where he has bee hives. One in Charlotte, one in the mountains, and one by a lake somewhere. He showed us how he gets honey from the comb too. He took comb with honey in it. Then he melted the wax that the bees put over it to keep it in the little “cells”. He used a heat gun to melt it then scraped it off with a little scraping tool. Then he put the comb in little holders inside of a honey extracting machine and turned it on. It spun around and around, and made the honey drip down and go through the spout. The spout dripped it into a little screen where all of the extra wax was caught and sat there, while the rest of the honey leaked through. (We got to taste the wax and chew it like gum, it was so sweet!) We also got to put out fingers under the spout and taste the honey plain. It was so good! He said that on Monday when he went out to get the honey he got around 30 stings on his hands. He said that he was slightly allergic to them and his right hand was a little bit swollen from it. He said one of the guys who helped him the bees didn’t bother him at all. He does all of the work without gloves and so he gets a LOT of stings. He said that once there was a bee that stung him on the tip of his finger and the bee couldn’t fly away and was stuck in his finger squirming around. He kept working and asked him, “Hey, could you pull her out? She can’t quite get out of my finger”. Andrew said that he would’ve freaked out if that happened to him (Probably why he said that he wears gloves.)

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