Vet Trip

Today @sassygirl26 @hermione @reagan @nancy and I went on a vet trip! We went to the Dilworth Animal Hospital, and Dr. Wheelock (The owner of the office) gave us an hour long tour. Dr. Wheelock is super nice, he showed us a dog under sedation who was getting his teeth cleaned. We also saw some cancer tumors in bottles, they looked like fat you cut off from a steak. Some of them were really gross looking. We got to peek into the operation room, but they had just finished surgery so we couldn’t go inside. Then he took us into the X-Ray room and we saw an X-Ray of the chameleon in the front office. He told us that he worked with a tiger for two years and that he was the vet for a zoo! He worked with all sorts of animals, like tigers, and sometimes he goes to the circus and checks on the elephants. Dr. Wheelock was super nice, and he answered all of our questions. He said he really likes old dogs and cats ┬ábecause they all have their own personality. He really likes it when they are grumpy. I loved visiting and I think I might want to be a vet even more than I did before. Partly because he said that he always wanted to be a vet starting from a very young age, like me. He also said that he sometimes used to doubt if he could do surgery, also like me. I loved my visit and I hope that maybe I can come back sometime.

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  1. Dr. Wheelock was so incredibly kind to us and I was so grateful for all the time he took to answer our questions ­čÖé I’m so glad we were able to do this trip, especially after our explorations of different careers earlier this year.

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