Moving to my Grandpa’s

Yesterday, Thursday, was moving day for our family. I was at school all day, but at 8:00 in the morning the movers from T.N.T Movers came in a giant truck to take all of our furniture to my Grandpa’s house. When @Animalfreak9 and I got back from school, we went straight to our old empty house  they had taken all he furniture from. They left a few things. For example, the entertainment center that was made costum for the people who had the house before us for the TV area in our living room. The house was so empty! When we got to Saba’s (Thats what we call our Grandpa) house, all of our things were there! The dining room table had 2 feet of things piled on it, and it is a big table! We had all of our books, old toys, and random stuff from out rooms on top of it. When we went up to the giant room @Animalfreak9 and I will be sharing, we were so excited! It has out desks, out dressers, our beds, and Elisha put her fish (Judah Fishabee) on her dresser too. It was like our own apartment! We even have our own door to the garage/door to the outside. I can’t wait until we are all moved in and we have all of our things in order.

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  1. It is such a weird yet beautiful feeling to stand in an empty house and see the ghosts of memory…and then to move forward to exciting new places. Thanks Alona!

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