My Busy Week/The Davidson Green School

On Wednesday, I woke up, and packed an overnight bag. Then I got ready for the day, and I ate breakfast downstairs. After I ate my breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausage, I packed my lunch and my backpack. I got to school. After school, I got in the @Dino Spumoni Shuttle, and he drove me to dance class with Elisha/ @Animalfreak9 .

I danced from 3:45 to 5:45, throught out class, kids from the older class, and the younger classes showed up and watched us dance. At 5:45, we got a HALF AN HOUR dinner break! My teacher (Ms. Theresa) never gives us that long to eat, we usually will have probably five or ten minutes to inhale our food.

After we ate dinner, everybody from all of the classes was there, including the Light People/Tech People. We started practicing our dances, and we got all of the light cues. I was almost completely blinded by the light, but I guess that is that is part of dancing in performances.

After our rehearsal, my mom picked me and Elisha ( @Animalfreak9 ) and took us to Nancy adn Charlotte’s house for a sleepover! We got there at around 9:30pm, and I was EXHAUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We started actually going to sleep at 10:00pm, but I was falling off of the air mattress the whole time. I certainly did NOT have the best night sleep. This is all of us where Liberty, Elisha and I slept;

photo 1


I was tired, as you can see.


Anyway, I woke up at 6:40am on my own, and at eight o clock, we headed out to the Davidson Green School.

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