Today I played MM (Monsters and Magic) for the first time ever! I have never played it before, and it is really fun! I will explain the game to you:

You are dropped off form the sky in a village. You have fifty gold, and you have to try to survive. What do you do?

Decide what to do, I went to the quest board to see if I could do a quest for gold. I decided not to do any quests, and I went to the pet shop to ask for a job. I got a job in the cat compartment.

I sold a few pets and got payed each turn. I also hired @tessa so we shared the money and got more customers. @Deano Spumoni @ALObob @dragon and @Charlotte were incredible costumers! They decided to make a circus, so they bought so many animals and animal habitats! I started giving them discounts because they became so poor from spending so much! Out of the four of them, they ended up with about 100 gold, while I separately had almost 800 gold.

I think that I am pretty good at saving up and choosing wisely with different decisions. I was always the richest, then again, I didn’t even have any place to stay…

I ahve to go now, but I hope you can google M&M and play it sometime! Bye!


O  A

N  G

S    I

T   C




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  1. OH! Thanks for explaining the game, Alona! I wasn’t clear on it. I was half listening while you guys played half talking to Evan about the layers of the earth 🙂

    It sounds pretty cool! Perhaps I will join in next time!

    Also – Tessa’s tag is @Tessao and Dean’s is @Dinospumoni!


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